The Bosnian Islamic Center Plans open a New Center for Youth


Throughout the month of Ramadan, leaders at the Bosnian Islamic Center have been raising funds for a youth center.

The donation drive started in 2021, and even though progress has been delayed by the covid-19, a concrete foundation has been poured, and the construction of walls is under way.

“Pricing for material has gone up, as you know. Donations though have been generous, Bosnians take pride in building any buildings for their heritage” – says Denis Nasufovic, who is on the board of the youth center.

The GoFundMe is mostly used by the youngsters; the majority visit the Bosnian Islamic Center on Lemay Ferry Road to donate physically. The mosque and adjoining parking lot are used for big community events like the celebration of Laylat al-Qadr or Eid al Fitr, important nights during Ramadan, and the youth center will be added to the southeast, off the parking lot.

The project aims to be a center for all Bosnian Muslims in the area, and the wider community. Avliya will include a mini restaurant, and a place for retirees to come and have coffee. The gymnasium will be used for sports activities and weddings. There will be many kind of sport.

The building will also include a library-memorial room that will serve as a space for educational tours. Nasufovic says that it could serve as a resource for nearby Francis Howell and Lindbergh schools, but any school district or organization will be invited to come and visit.

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