St. Louisans Protest for Abortion Rights


A few hundred protestors peacefully gathered outside May 10 to voice opposition to the U.S. Supreme Court’s draft opinion to overturn abortion rights.

News broke Monday that the Supreme Court drafted a ruling to overturn federal legal access to abortion, a right that the landmark decision Roe v. Wade established in 1973.

As previously reported by the RFT, Missouri has a “trigger law” that gives the state the authority to prohibit abortions, except in medical emergencies, upon the repeal of Roe v. Wade. The bill was signed by Governor Mike Parson in 2019.

With the real possibility that access to safe and legal abortion will be banned before the end of the year, many St. Louisans gathered in favor of abortion rights.

The political makeup of Missouri’s government has already made abortion nearly inaccessible, according to Schwarz. In 2019, House Bill 126 prohibited abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy. Many who seek abortions have to go out of state.

The Missouri Abortion Fund, an organization that helps people pay for abortion care, funded 1,866 abortions in 2021. Only two of the abortions were performed in Missouri, according to Michele Landeau, board president of The Missouri Abortion Fund.

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