County Council approves funding for old abandoned shopping center in Jamestown


By a unanimous vote on April 26, the St. Louis County Council approved a proposal to demolish the $6 million Jamestown Mall.

The abandoned mall has stood without a purpose in unincorporated north St. Louis County for more than a decade.

Council members approved legislation authored by Fourth District Councilman Shalonda Webb that would allocate $6 million in American Recovery Plan funds to demolish the crumbling building.

“For over a decade, 11 years, our community has been forced to live with this unsafe, grotesque, humiliating, demoralising facility,” Webb said before the council vote.

The passage of the two demolition bills drew applause from north St. Louis County residents in attendance. All council members voted in favor of the bills except Fifth District Councilwoman Lisa Clancy, who was absent from the meeting.

Angela Pinex, executive director of Spanish Lake Community Development Corporation, says she’d like to see the former mall’s property used to host entertainment options for nearby residents.

For many before its closing, Jamestown Mall was a treat to go to, explains Dana Ballinger, a board member of Spanish Lake Development Corporation. She lived in Alton, Illinois, as a child and recalls trips to Jamestown Mall in her youth during Jamestown Mall’s peak years.

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