About The Franklin Room


Early History

 The Franklin Dramatic Club was founded in 1871 as a means of bringing the men of Saints Peter and Paul Parish Together. The group performed plays in the old parish hall which was built in 1871.  By 1900 The Franklin Players were a well known thespian organization in Saint Louis. The new parish hall, also known as Goller Hall, was named after Monsignor Goller and built in 1905. The Franklin Players  Continued to perform there into  the 1950's. There is still a large bust of Benjamin Franklin presiding over the stage.  


From the 1950's to the 1980's, Goller Hall was used for various group activities until it was renovated into a banquet space in 1982.  Thankfully, the architectural integrity of this Victorian era  space was lovingly preserved, and The Franklin Room was opened for business. 

New Owners

Chef Doug Swaney purchased the Franklin Room in 2010.  He and his wife Michele love the history, beauty and character of the room.  Chef Swaney has modernized the kitchen, the menus and the style of service, while keeping the historical and architectural aspects of the room intact. The Swaneys are dedicated professionals who know their way around the kitchen. They look forward to meeting you and helping create your perfect event. 

A Building with a Mission

For those who don't know, there is a very active "soup kitchen" that operates several days each month out of a banquet hall in the lower level of the building. It is a wonderful program and never in operation during Franklin Room functions, and every banquet we host here can feel good knowing they have indirectly helped support a worthy cause.